Phillip is a work of speculative design, envisioning a future with artificial intelligence and mixed reality technologies. Memory recall via sensory stimulation is a recurring topic in my work and ultimately led Isaac Jager, Katie Hawkins and I to develop Philip, a contextual memory support system. Philip senses when you are trying to access a memory. Philip’s memory assistance, be it subtle or overt, abstract or concrete, visual or aural is based on the context, individual and type of information required. The idea of Philip touches on some of the same questions posed by Fyodor Dostoevsky regarding the absurdity of rationalism and utopianism. Dostoevsky’s protagonist in Notes from the Underground opposes the crystal palace an exhibition hall which represents ideal living for a utopian society governed by pure reason. And because reason in the crystal palace is based upon so-called ‘natural laws’ it ignores the autonomy of the individual. A ‘true’ Crystal Palace would celebrate the complexity and at times irrational behavior of the individual; this is why Philip is not a system to supply users with literal reminders. Philip’s presence is almost always ambient. Philip asserts itself in a way which mimics the transient nature of memory itself. And Philip encourages the user to remember with as little aid as possible. If you are interested, you can watch the full video on my website: