SIMON is an interactive wearable headset designed to read and translate the emotional state of users. SIMON records electrical activity in the brain via an EEG monitor. Data is transcribed in color according to a users’s cognitive state (i.e. relaxed [blue], stressed [red], tired [yellow], focused [green], etc). A collective color based on neurological user averages is displayed by the headset's imbedded LEDS. Data is collected by the SIMON mobile app and plots the sensibility of those who choose to engage with the system. SIMON connects people, regardless of socioeconomic status, race, religion, etc. This empathy inducing platform disrupts a traditional social interactivity as it turns a users's affect inside-out across lights inside the headset and visuals in the phone application. It shows the users a way to see kindred potentials across a sea of people otherwise withdrawn to their own private world. This transformative public art experience is made possible via a new and novel confluence of public art practice, scientific method, interface design and open source technologies. We hope to create an innovative space for users to find common ground in a world full of people increasingly defined by their differences. SIMON was done in collaboration with Andrew Frueh. You should take a peak at his other work // Andrew 




SIMON's Mobile Platform enables users to visualize both the individual and collective cognitive states of users.  Two different people can be present during a particular event as a pair, yet they will experience the event as individuals. This statement seemingly obvious, is however difficult more difficult to keep in mind in times of high stress. SIMON's visual feedback reminds us that while we see and experience the world through our own mind so do others.