Child Access Prevention: Infographics:

I developed this infographic as a diptych to compare childhood gun deaths to commonly linked socioeconomic factors. The second poster explores the efficacy of Child Access Prevention. Based on my research Child Access Prevention is the easiest and most cost effective way to keep children safe from guns.




I began the my research by sorting data, cross-referencing data points to understand which parameters would be meaningful to show. Ultimately, I decided to focus on Child Access Prevention and socio-economic factors such as wealth, poverty and education.



Refining Visuals

In order to be most effective this work required that I illustrate a relationship between factors such as poverty, education, gun deaths and Child Access Prevention laws. Ultimately these relationships were best accentuated through a diptych.



Illustrating Child Access Prevention

One challenging aspect in making this infographic was showing the relationship between the total number of childhood gun deaths and strength of CAP laws. I used radar charts to represent the various facets CAP laws and an area chart to represent the number of deaths.